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NEW Corvette Pace Cars Art Prints Series
Corvettes have paced the Indy 500 a record !0 times since 1978!

To celebrate this achievement, Scott has created a montage of the 11 Corvettes that have paced the "greatest spectacle in motorsports," the Indy 500. That's right, 11 pace cars in 10 races. To highlight the 10th race, there were TWO Corvette Pace Cars - the black & silver, "Pace Car Limited Edition" version that was available as an option and the stunning "Gold Rush Green" E85 Z06 Corvette. Originally published as a center spread in the September '09 edition of VETTE magazine.

Check out our NEW horizontal and vertical format Corvette Pace Car Montage prints, available from our NEW FineArtAmerica.com prints website. Prints are available in sizes from 8-inches x 2.625-inches all the way up to 48-inches x 14-inches! Theres a size print for every budget!

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K. Scott Teeters'
"Illustrated Corvette Series" Book

CarTech Books HAS publish a 144-page book version of Scott's 13-year Illustrated Corvette Series column, as seen every month in VETTE Magazine since 1997. The scope of the book will cover Corvettes from 1953 to 2010.

The scope of the book covers Corvettes from 1953 to 2010

Chapters will include:

* Production Corvettes
* Show Car Corvettes
* Engineering & Prototype Corvettes
* Tuner Corvettes
* Racing Corvettes
* Plus, Specualtion on the future
C7 Corvette.

Autographed books available HERE.

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Plus a staggering selection of mattes, frames, papers, and canvas!

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